Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom

Awarded: Canada Book Award & Readers' Favorite 5 Star Seal!


"The storyline is fun and creative with lots of action, intrigue, and adventure.  Imogene is loveable, adventurous, creative, imaginative, and a little stubborn.  Every child will feel an immediate connection to this amazing girl.  I look forward to more adventures from Imogene.”

Tami Brady, Amazon Hall of Fame, Top 50 Reviewer

"Events are set in motion that take the reader on an electrifying ride.  The book is riveting and moves on at an irresistible pace, and no matter what you have to keep reading. Forget about your worldly cares.  This book is wonderful. This book is an absolute masterpiece of description, ocular worlds that wait for discovery.”

Veronica Grant House, Veteran Reviewer

“Imogene kept me on the edge of my seat for the first few chapters, then allowed me to relax into an enjoyable reading experience in a fantasy world any child would love.”

Susan Valeri, President, Powerful Publicity Group


“Filled with suspense and interesting make-believe characters, the unique and suspenseful story line is the result of Teresa’s highly refined imagination and her natural ability to entertain children of all ages.  Her writing style and sense of enchantment captures the reader’s interest immediately, making this self-published book a wonderful story for children as well as attracting the imagination of any age reader.”

Rolli Gunderson, Columnist

“Teresa has done an amazing job telling a story that will grab your attention and not let go until long after you’ve read her book.  “Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom” is a book to be loved by both adults and children for the characters are so full of life and become part of you after you read this book.  Nothing could have prepared me (and most likely, Imogene) for the surprises that unfolded with each chapter - dealing with real and surreal subjects and stretching your imagination to the limit.  A pleasant read and a definite must buy for lovers of an adorable and exciting adventure.”

Marilyn Houle, Words Words Words

“Magic!  Excitement!  Beauty and splendor are some of the ingredients that make up this wonderful tale.  The product of two different worlds, Imogene is a heroin that children will adore.  One world is on the surface and is obsessed with material things.  The other is beneath the Pacific Ocean, where peace and harmony exists for all those that live there.  Teresa has created a story children will delight in.  It is full of excitement and magic, as the forces of good and evil do battle.  Once begun, the reader will not be able to put the book down.  This is a book that all children will adore and want to read again and again.”

Warren Thurston, Owner of Boggle Books

Dager of the Tasman Empire

Awarded: Literary Classics Seal of Approval!



Dager is a hit in our household! Every night we read a chapter and my boys excitedly await the next development in the story. They especially like the old man. We recommend this book to any family looking for mystery and adventure.”

Susan Valeri, President, Powerful Publicity Group

“After having the fortune to read Imogene, I was absolutely thrilled to read Dager, and frankly, I’m glad I did. Readers, both young and old, will enjoy these stories of mythical, mystical kingdoms that breathe life back into a popular but dying subject. The author does such extraordinary things to her characters; she uses her creative imagination to bring their sheer essence and innocence leaping from the pages with a ferocious rush of emotions. The storylines and plots are fresh and exhilarating, with twists and turns that leave the reader breathless, still hungry for more. I’m confident that the author has earned herself a place in the literary world, while her characters find their place into readers’ hearts.”

Kimberly Hayes, Freelance Writer/Professional Book Reviewer

“Dager and his family travel to the new world where they are reunited with their family and friends. Women and men are equal, laws are made and Mod becomes the new leader of the new world. Dager, Lucia, Pagan and the other children will now be raised in a happy environment where mutual respect, understanding and equality for all are key. Children everywhere will love Dager of the Tasman Empire.”

Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews


“Once again, the author has searched her incredible imagination and written an adventure story worthy of many readings. Dager of the Tasman Empire is an exciting novel that connects a magical world under the sea and an equally fascinating land of heat and dust.  Dager is abducted and taken to live in this arid, hostile land with a wicked hag.  No child should have to live as he does, but despite the difficulties, he grows and develops wisdom beyond his years.  Incredible powers of the undersea folk, their love for all creatures and their sense of justice help them build a new community apart from the injustices of both worlds.  Dager's undersea family never ceases to search for him and the story of their search brings intrigue and magic into the lives of young readers. Readers are never quite sure what will happen next, while surprises await eager minds, page after page.  This story is written with elementary and middle school children in mind, but will certainly capture the imagination of all ages.”  

Elaine Fuhr, Freelance Reviewer


Memoirs of a Pakhtun Immigrant

Introducing the author's first foray into creative nonfiction!



"A moving story of a Pakhtun immigrant to this wonderful country who remained steadfast to his objectives and through his hard work, dedication and sacrifice succeeded in providing a better future for his family. It reflects the hard work of a person who left his home, in the remote mountains of northern Pakistan, in search of better opportunities and assimilated in an altogether different culture. It’s a story of triumph over difficult circumstances, highlighting the unlimited possibilities for those who demonstrate discipline and perseverance to their cause. A rewarding experience for all who read it."

Mr. Tariq Azim Khan, High Commissioner for Pakistan, Ottawa

"5 STARS. A gripping and heart-warming tale starting with Gafoor, a Pakistani immigrant who came to Canada to find a better life for his wife and sons. The story starts in 1903, the year of his birth in his quiet mountain village. 

The author has provided historical snippets in the chapters - Gandhi, Jinnah, WWII, the UK, the recognition of Pakistan as a nation etc., making the history come alive as it relates to the story. 

Schapansky has done a brilliant job with this memoir, a tribute to Jamal and his family. I read this in one sitting; it was engrossing, interesting and educational. A must read for any student and lover of history and memoirs." 

Janice J. Richardson, author of The Making of a Funeral Director

"Inspirational and quite absorbing, it brought to mind my own family history and my own immigration experiences in 1975 when I moved to the U.S.

Gafoor's life story is one of struggle and hope, it shows the greatness of Canada and its people, where it seems so natural for individuals to embrace complete strangers and assist them in their pursuit of a better life. This is not only a story of a Pakhtun immigrant, but also the story of the great heart of the Canadian people.

The inner strength of Gafoor in pursuit of his goals is quite unique and rare in the human condition; it says something about the upbringing of people like him, where the inner strength of the person far outweighs the drawbacks of literacy, culture, or immigration status. There is within such people a soul that sparkles, which draws people to them and allows them to move forward in life with hope and success, not unlike the ships he worked on which moved through miles of oceans to reach their destinations. 

A truly good read."

Raj Anand

"Highlighting the struggles of a family in search of a better life, this story revolves around the impoverished farming hamlet of Charuna, in the farthest highlands of Northern Pakistan, and the sawmill community of Youbou, on Vancouver Island, Canada, in the other corner of the world.  The hard working people living in both Charuna and Youbou are defined in direct contrast to the glitz and glamour described by the author, at the Metropole Hotel in Karachi, and the Empress Hotel in Victoria. The two entirely different social classes are portrayed, and give this story a distinct colour. 

The author has chosen the common man as the subject of her research,

while in sharp departure with the extant practice of blending in historical figures and celebrities.  The projection of Pakhtun customs, hospitality, geography, historical glimpses, and the goodness of people such as Sir Robert Holland

and the Bunker family make this an interesting read. 

The author has succeeded in her attempt at building bridges between and linking 

the two countries of Canada and Pakistan." 

Muhammad Tariq, Consul General of Pakistan, Vancouver

"A very precise and chronological account that can be attributed to a dream of wanting future generations to know the struggles of life for the sole intent of that knowledge. Highly recommended."

J.P Willson, author of Through the Mind’s Eye: A Journey of Self-Discovery

"I highly recommend this memoir, which is rich in life-affirming tales of the kindness of strangers, during a time of separation and uncertainty for one family. Each chapter cleverly commences with some important historical events, which only enriches and puts into context the ever-changing historical backdrop."

Lucy Lang, author of Dislocation-a moving story of a turbulent childhood

"Jamal Khan and Teresa Schapansky came together to tell a very important story; one of courage, adventure and the wish to make a family’s life better. We must thank Jamal Khan for sharing his family’s story and Teresa for the joy with which she wrote."

Elaine Fuhr, Freelance Reviewer