About Me

I live in the beautiful Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  Proud mom of three lovely ladies, two handsome gentlemen, two moody princess cats and one adorable puppy! 

The beginning:  

I was 15 when I began submitting word puzzles to a television guide - they were accepted and published, but for reasons unknown to me, only the initials of the puzzle creators were published.. and so, realizing that NOBODY would ever believe they were my puzzles... I told very few people... So glad I kept two (tattered) copies of those television guides!  Have to admit that my writing spark had been lit, way back then.

Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom

My eldest daughter was 9 years old, and (egads) an incredibly reluctant reader.  I guilted her into reading by writing "Imogene of the Pacific Kingdom", and I'm happy to say, from that point forward, her nose is still stuck in a book.  She has forgiven me.

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Dager of the Tasman Empire

Imogene, a story about a young girl, was so well received that I decided to follow it up with a story about a young boy, to keep the balance.  Where Imogene leans toward the lighter side, Dager leans toward the dark.

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Memoirs of a Pakhtun Immigrant

 Not long ago, I received a message from a high school friend. Polite folk that we are, he and I exchanged our usual pleasantries before he got down to business. His dad had been hoping to have his story written for quite some time, and he asked if I might be interested in taking on a project such as this. Would I ever. 

"Memoirs of a Pakhtun Immigrant" is the result of that initial exchange.  We have received numerous favourable reviews,  and it has been endorsed by Muhammad Tariq, Consul General of Pakistan, Vancouver  and  Mr. Tariq Azim Khan, High Commissioner for Pakistan, Ottawa.

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Along the Way (series for young readers)

While freelance reporting for a local newspaper, I was covering an ice fishing derby (catch & release) held to support and raise funds for the Make-A-Wish-Foundation.  It was so well attended and I'll never forget seeing the smiles on the faces of the children - most, catching their very first fish. I met a kind-hearted gentleman by the name of Robert (Bob) Winterford - the writing of the Along the Way series is due to his creative genius, and I feel honoured to have been chosen to join our star, Albert, as he takes young readers on a dino-style, cross-Canada, educational and entertaining road trip!